Cooperative Cefalà

The factory in which our company works is equipped with modern vehicles, tools and machineries, that allow the production and the packaging of our citruses.
Every day, the fresh products coming from the company “Azienda Agricola 2000” are carried by trucks to our factory, where their processing immediately starts.
In order to not interrupt the certified production chain, our marketing system is in compliance with the Reg. CE 834-07; it is verified and certified by ECOCERT ITALIA and perfectly complies with standards fixed by the procedural guideline Globalgap, that in turn is monitored and certified by BIOAGRICERT. Our processing and marketing offices COOP. CEFALÀ.
The factory is located in Via Parisi n° 10 – 90011 Bagheria (PA)

The Packaging

All our agricultural products can be sold both natural with the peduncle and the leaf, accompanied by a regular phytosanitary certification - and after they have undergone post-harvest treatments (cleaning, covering with wax and calibration), packaged in any type of plastic, plywood or carton packages.
We are able to create various types of packaging to deliver our products to the costumers:
• Wooden bins
• Packaged plywood crates of about 6, 9 or 11 kg
• Plastic crates of various sizes
• Packing boxes of different sizes
• Various types of nets for fruits and vegetables: simple, weighed, priced and with the barcode
• Sorma and Rosapack packages
• Any other type of packaging supplied or required by the costumer