Our Company

Among the sandy dunes, that once dominated the landscape of a small hamlet of the eastern Sicily, permeated with the fresh scent of the citrus blossom that can be breathed in the citrus groves, even today it is possible to experience that innate love for the land, handed down with wise wisdom by the generations that preceded us.
Tenuta Macconi, located in the district of the same name of the town of Acate near the river Dirillo, in the province of Ragusa, is the result of years of experience, patient work, passion and a lot of energy and effort, devoted, gradually, to a very special land able to give “good fruits”.

Nowadays, the estate covers an area of 124 hectares, on with citruses (lemons, oranges, mandarins), the actual protagonists of the company’s economy, are cultivated, along with other activities, such as the viticulture and the production of excellent and fragrant wines, each of which has gained the IGT certification (Indicazione Geografica Tipica).
Thanks to the particular kind of sandy land, to the salts of the water and of the soil and to the particularly favorable climatic conditions, the estate is able to give birth to a excellent wine production that enhances the taste and the fragrances of the citruses and of the grapes of this incomparable land.

Our production conforms to the principles of an healthy agriculture, respectful towards nature.

The adopted productive techniques, the outcome of a long and extensive experience and of the permanent collaboration of agronomists, specialized in the biological field, aspire to obtain products of certificated and guaranteed quality, in full compliance with the environment.

Our production respects the procedural guidelines of the biological production, according to the Reg. CE 834/07, USDA BIO NOP e GLOBALGAP.