Our Citruses

The company produces the most famous premature, seasonal and late varieties of citruses, concentrating on those varieties that are well known, certificated and the most required by the consumers. The varietal selection of our citruses has been well pondered and aspires to offer citruses to an ever more exacting market for a longer period during the year.

Nowadays, the citruses varieties produced by our company are: Femminello Lemon, Navel and Tarocco Oranges, Late Mandarin of Ciaculli.

Biological Femminello Lemon

The company cultivates the Biological Femminello Lemon on 52 hectares of the estate, producing approximately 20.082 quintals of this particular type of citrus every year.

The Femminello variety is the most common cultivar in Sicily. This citrus can have variable size, form, peel thickness, number of seeds, percentage and composition of the juice. This heterogeneity depends on both the clonal differences and the different flowering period. Our biological lemons have excellent dimensions and coloration; they are particularly rich in juice and they are distinguishable because of the finesse of the essential oils; as the other citrus fruits, our biological lemons are not spoiled by chemical treatments.

Biological Navel

The group of the blonde oranges denominated Navel (Navelina, Washington Navel and Navelate) is characterized by a bulge in the lower part of the citrus called navel. This orange variety is marked by an uniformly colored peel and a perfectly spherical form. The ripening goes from November to March.
This varietal selection is very widespread and it is also appreciated by the market thanks to the deliciousness of the pulp and the sweetness of the juice. Some say that eating the Navel orange is like eating a Florentine steak!

Tarocco Oranges

Tarocco Orange is one of the most widespread variety of oranges in Italy. It is very precious and it usually has not seeds. Suitable both to be eaten and to be squeezed, The Tarocco Orange is available on the market from mid-December to the end of May. The citruses of larger size usually have a yellow-orange thin peel with some red spots. The pulp is yellow-orange too, with some more or less intense rose-colored variegation. The scent and the sweetness of the pulp and the richness of the juice make the Tarocco be one of the most excellent varieties, very esteemed by the admirers of the “pigmented” oranges.

Late Mandarin of Ciaculli

The company reserves approximately 8 hectares of the estate for the cultivation of the Late Mandarin of Ciaculli, obtaining an annual production of about 2.880 quintals.

The cultivar fruit is characterized by a peel of average thickness, by the presence of seeds and by a late ripening, that can occur in the period from February to April according to the weather trend. Its origins are absolutely natural; the strong aroma, the sugary contents, the thin peel and the presence of seeds make the Late Mandarin of Ciaculli an unique and unmistakable mandarin.