Our Wines

Nowadays, the company vineyards cover an area of 13 hectares: they are cultivated and cured in full compliance with the environment, thanks to the research of the best sun exposure for the grapes and the constant care of the lines’ cultivation, conducted without forcing and polluting treatments.

We grow our vineyards combining wisely the ancient traditions and the modern technologies, succeeding, in this way, in preserving the characteristics of the land on which they are cultivated and obtaining excellent grapes, used to give birth to high quality wines in full compliance with the enological traditions and in a deep and strong attachment to the area from which they come.

The vineyard has been installed respecting the procedural guideline for the production of wines characterized by the denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin “Cerasuolo di Vittoria”, which allows us to give the warranty mark D. O. C. G. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita – Controlled and Guaranteed Origin Denomination) to the wines produced by the grape harvest.

The harvest is carried out by hand and only the best grapes –and just after a strict selection- are brought to the cellar.

Two are the different kinds of grapes cultivated in the vineyard: the ancient and native Frappatoand Nero D’Avola, excellent varieties used to produce our precious bottles. Our two first I.G.T. wines were born in 2009: “Nero D’Avola in purezza” and a particular variety of Cerasuolo wine, quite similar to both Nero D’Avola and Frappato, commercialized with the name of “Don Vicè”.

The singular and suggestive name of the last wine wants to be a sincere homage and an authentic recognition to a person who gave the birth to our company and, with intense dedication, passion and perseverance, brought it into a path of gradual and constant growth in quality and competitiveness.


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Rosso Dirillo

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Don Vicè

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Nero D'Avola

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Indicazione Geografica Tipica, better known with the acronym IGT, is a warranty mark of origin, that qualifies table wines produced in specific regions or geographic areas according to a general procedural guideline (authorized by the law). The wine labels can report information about the vine varieties used to produce the wine and about the year of the harvest of the grapes, in addition to the indication of the color.

Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, known by the acronym DOCG, is an Italian warranty mark of origin, that informs the consumer of the geographic origin of a wine. The category of the DOCG wines includes wines produced in specific geographic areas in full compliance with a specific procedural guideline, approved by a ministerial decree.

The DOCG certification is reserved for those wines that have already gained the certification of the controlled origin denomination (DOC- Denominazione Origine Controllata) for at least five years, that are considered very prestigious in regard of the intrinsic qualitative characteristics, of the characteristics of similar wines that have already gained this denomination, of the presence of traditional, natural and/or historic factors and that have acquired good reputation and commercial appreciation on a national and international scale.

Before being put on the market, during the production phase itself, those wines have to undergo a preliminary chemical-physical analysis and an organoleptic exam that can certify the respect for the requisites required by the guideline; furthermore, the organoleptic exam has to be repeated also during the bottling phase in each order.

The DOCG wines have to undergo also a sensorial analysis (degustation), accomplished by a specific examination board; the failure to respect the requisites dictated by the guideline prevents these wines from being put on market with the DOCG mark.