Our Cultivars:

Approximately 1200 olive trees surround our estate. Our cultivars, strictly biological, are Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice, that have been wisely chosen in order to give birth to an extra virgin olive oil, that can have the characteristics of both cultivars.

The extra virgin olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is a mixture of two cultivars: we mix 60% of the Biancolilla variety with 40% of Nocellara del Belice type, mix from which we can obtain an oil that has a fruity, light and delicate flavor on the palate – flavor that is typical of Biancolilla; it is also characterized by an aftertaste of fresh grass or just harvested green olives; furthermore it has an intense and lightly sweet and sour taste with spicy and slightly bitter notes, that are characteristic of the Nocellara del Belice variety. The result is a soft and structured brand, notable for the perfect balance of taste and aroma.


Its use on our tables:

Our oil can be used to spice any type of dish: it perfectly suits soups and hot broths; used raw to season salads or second courses or to enhance seafood or beef dishes, it gives them all its freshness and genuineness. You shouldn’t underestimate the idea of using it in place of butter in the preparation of homemade sweets.

Why you have to consume the extra virgin olive oil:

For its nutritive characteristics, the extra virgin olive oil is the principal food for an healthy and correct nutrition. It contains fatty acids quite similar to those of the human body and a high quantity of vitamins; it defends the body from the phenomena of the cellular ageing and improves the wellness and the quality of life. Preserving it from the chemical residues is an obligation.